After asking a question about stitching a portable hole, and reading the DMG last night, I couldn't find any information on what happens to a portable hole if it's damaged.

I could assume the effects of damaging a Bag of Holding (the contents spilling onto the astral plane), but are there any defined effects of damage to or destruction of a portable hole, while in its unopened folded state?


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From the DMG p.141:

Magic Item Resilience

... Most magic items, other than potions and scrolls, have resistance to all damage. Artifacts are practically indestructible, requiring extraordinary measures to destroy.

The Portable Hole isn't an artifact (q.v. DMG 219), so it only requires ordinary measures to destroy. It does take twice as long to destroy as a non-magical hole (hah!), but that's as far as the DMG takes us.

So any mutilation of your Portable Hole is going to go outside RAW, and you'll have to work with your DM to figure out if, how, and any consequences. (The effects you mention from Bag of Holding are certainly suggestive and may inform this discussion, but are not controlling.)


A Portable Hole may be formed of special spider silk. However, it is still a pocket dimension and certainly not invulnerable.

Common sense and logic says a cut (rift) can be just as destructive as one in a bag of holding. It does not have to do with magic but the kinetic and potential energy of the molecules inside, which would not just disappear into nothing like popping a balloon in this dimension. Einstein's \$E=MC^2\$ establishes that energy cannot be created or destroyed.

Dimensional Rifts can cause very strange quantum physic effects because they exist in a different time-space-dimension in the continuum. The possibilities could include (DM's discretion) anything from a tiny supernova, to a tiny black hole, to an opening to the vacuum of space sucking out the atmosphere, to deadly poisonous gases from an alien atmosphere, to flaming gasses, to a star's flames, to a wormhole, to a paradoxical unexpected event, up to a portal to another dimension.

A portable hole is 2-sided and open, as it can be folded or rolled up but not closed like a bag of holding. So whatever the DM decides happens will be a 360 degree area of effect and stopping it would not be easy at all.

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