Many of the Foci give free skill training.


Trick or Treats (p210: Worlds Numberless and Strange)

Tier 1: Treat Seeker. You are trained in tasks related to searching and hiding. Enabler. ....
Tier 2: Trick Artist. You are trained in lockpicking and tinkering with devices. Enabler...

Many Descriptors give Skill Training. All character types give skill training. Some Recussion traits give skill training to everyone who is in them

And of course you can take training in a skill by spend XP (indeed you have to, to up-tier).

What happens when these overlap?

I assume the first instance you become Specialized?

What about in the third instance, or if you are already specialized?


From page 21 of The Strange Core:

Remember that if you gain a skill that you’re already trained in, you become specialized in that skill. Because skill descriptions can be nebulous, determining whether you’re trained or specialized might take some thinking. For example, if you’re trained in lying and later gain a benefit that grants you skill with all social interactions, you become specialized in lying and trained in all other types of interactions. Being trained three times in a skill is no better than being trained twice (in other words, specialized is as good as it gets).


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