I was looking through the bloodlines available to sorcerers in Pathfinder and found the Harrow (Tarrot) bloodline. It's effects sound cool but Invoke the Harrow's

... +4 enhancement bonus to the ability score associated with the [drawn] card's suit...

leaves a bit open to interpretation. Like Strength and Lovers are pretty straight forward, but what about the other Major arcanas AND the lowly Swords, Cups, Wands and Pentacles?


You will need more information on the Harrow Deck to play any kind of harrow character. See the downloadable instructions for the harrow deck on paizo.com, and consider reading the Harrow Handbook and other sources to understand what it is before just choosing it as a character optimization option.

Harrow is NOT identical to Tarot. Here are the Harrow suites and what abilities they map to.

  • Hammer - Strength
  • Key - Dexterity
  • Shield - Constitution
  • Book - Intelligence
  • Star - Wisdom
  • Crown - Charisma

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