My character is a folk hero. My plan is already approved by my DM.

When my character was young(barely old enoigh to remember his village), his village was destroyed by forces unknown to him (Raiders, marauders or something of that like). The destruction caught the attention of a passing Dragon. The Dragon found my character. Feeling compassion for the defenseless child adopted the it.

Based on D&D canon, what type of dragon is most likely to do this? What metallic or good dragon is most likely to do this, if different?

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Silver dragons are canonically the most interested in humanoids, having always found them fascinating and engaged in interaction with humanoids on a very regular basis, especially humans, and would most likely empathise with an abandoned human or other race and take it in.

Other dragons are often too aloof or alien in their thinking to consider raising a child from a different race, though if you really need a secondary choice, gold dragons very rarely take an interest in outside situations and could find a humanoid interesting enough to raise

On the other hand, if you've already decided on a color, the dragon the same color as you would feel alot more kinship with a lost dragonborn of their ancestry

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The metallic dragons of the 5E Monster Manual have fairly distinct personalities, but being metallic dragons they're all Good sorts, and any breed could believably adopt a humanoid orphan like your character.

The most likely is probably a silver dragon, though: "The friendliest and most social of the metallic dragons, silver dragons cheerfully assist good creatures in need."

You could also pick a dragon with a favored habitat that corresponds to the area in which your character was born:

  • Brass: "hot, dry climates"
  • Bronze: "coastal dwellers"
  • Copper: "hills and rocky uplands"
  • Gold: "out-of-the-way places"
  • Silver: "secluded cold mountain peaks"

Of course, wherever your character's village may have been, any color of dragon could fortuitously pass by.


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