If I were to use a character, say a Deva, and create a story using them can I publish it?

For things like town names, God titles and small amounts of lore I can change them. But the real question is, are Deva (a playable race within the 4e and 3.5e games) copyrighted?

I have a premise of a Deva losing his Ancestral Memories and trying to figure out why his connection with Selune, the moon Goddess, is missing. But at the same time this also means that I would need some kind of idea on if Selune, Deva's and other such things are copyrighted.

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I'd encourage you to get someone with official copyright hold over Deva answer this. Perhaps even here.


The name itself cannot be copyrighted, but character can and most likely is. More info here: Are the Gods in Forgotten Realms under copyright?

L5R and AEG, if it's any indicator

From my own experience with AEG and L5R, the answer was:

  • awesome you are doing it
  • not officially, as a book with ISBN, sorry, that's policy, we don't endorse anything like it
  • go for fanfic!

So (note: AEG + L5R), self-published, via internet or with so called "small print", not as in catch in a contract, but publishing a book with small number of copies (enough not to have book number).

Been a while since, so my answer may be wrong. I'll try digging up the email once I have more time.

Update: Forgotten Realm's novel

See this question it seems to be about similar case: https://writers.stackexchange.com/questions/17060/novel-set-in-forgotten-realms-universe

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