The question is quite simple, Antagonize says:

The creature flies into a rage. On its next turn, the target must attempt to make a melee attack against you, make a ranged attack against you, target you with a spell, or include you in the area of a spell. The effect ends if the creature is prevented from attacking you or attempting to do so would harm it (for example, if you are on the other side of a chasm or a wall of fire). If it cannot attack you on its turn, you may make the check again as an immediate action to extend the effect for 1 round (but cannot extend it thereafter). The effect ends as soon as the creature attacks you. Once you have targeted a creature with this ability, you cannot target it again for 1 day.

In particular see the bold section.

What I'm unsure about is situations like Attacks of Opportunity, they are not guaranteed to harm it - but there is a risk they will. Can Antagonize make a target run through friendly threatened areas and risk taking the AoO in order to get to you?


There is no answer under RAW, nor any developer statement on the matter (As far as I have been able to find). The following answer is based on how I would run it:

There is a difference between potential harm and definite harm. I would rule this along the following lines:

  • If they are forced to move through a square or effect that would cause automatic damage, then the feat fails. I would extend this to requiring a roll to avoid damage since the damage happens by default (you take the consequences if you don't make a roll)
  • If they are forced to move through a square where there is a chance of damage, but that damage is not assumed by default, then the feat does would not automatically fail. Attacks require a roll to hit, damage is not assumed as the default outcome.

To reword Mourdos's answer, that would depend on the situation that you use it.

For example, if you antagonize a bull that was across a room or an open field, that guy would probably charge right at you. However, a bandit would probably be wiser than that. They would most likely try to find a way around your allies or a way that would cause them the least harm (such as if there was a big enough gap between your allies to slip through, or a reachable tree they could land on top of you from). Furthermore, there are a good number of feats that would allow them to pass through threatened areas without harm, such as the ever useful Charge Through.

So in other words Yes, it can take risks to move through threatened areas to attack you, but it can take other risks to get the same result!


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