One of my players took the Inspiring Leader feat, which allows them to do a 10 minute inspiring speech to grant the party some Temporary HP. This can be done again after a short rest.

Temporary HP lasts until a long rest, it's removed by damage, or it's replaced by another set of Temporary HP. So they should be able to refresh it after every short rest with a short inspiring chat.

I'm wondering if it's intended for this feat to (essentially if not technically) give everyone extra max HP. In a party of 4 with a decent level+charisma modifier, that would mean this feat is basically just worth several dozen extra HP for the party, which is refreshed with every short rest. That seems like a lot!

Is Inspiring Leader really a hefty HP boost for the party, or is there some reason my players should not be able to take advantage of it at the tail end of every short rest they take?

Note: I'm not complaining - this group happens to have no healers, so them starting with a nice buffer pretty helpful to me. I'm just wondering.

  • \$\begingroup\$ keep in mind that temporary hit points don't stack so you can't combine them with things like False Life or Armor of Agathys \$\endgroup\$ – Premier Bromanov Dec 12 '15 at 3:45
  • \$\begingroup\$ I'm confused, this question seems to use the terms 'max HP' and 'temp HP' interchangeably, while they are two drastically different things. I know it's an old question, but it's currently on the front page and generating new answers, so fixing this would be useful. \$\endgroup\$ – Theik Oct 1 '18 at 7:49
  • \$\begingroup\$ @Theik I don't see it. The question mentions max HP once, and at that time it specifically says "essentially". I don't know that it's helpful to say "essentially extra max HP", but it definitely doesn't indicate any confusion about the difference. \$\endgroup\$ – Kamil Drakari Oct 1 '18 at 16:54

The Temporary Hit Point total is equal to the "Inspired Leaders" Charisma Modifier + Level.

Therefore at first level, assuming a 15 in Charisma, they would spend 10 minutes listening to the Inspired Leaders speech for 3 Temporary Hit Points each for up to 6 allies.

To answer your question, yes it is a hit point boost to the party that increases as the character with the feat levels up, and improves their Charisma score modifier.

The only reason they should not be able to take advantage of it after every short rest is if they do not have the 10 minutes to listen to the speech or if giving the speech would attract unwanted attention.

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The Inspiring Leader feat states:

You can spend 10 minutes inspiring your companions, shoring up their resolve to fight. When you do so, choose up to six friendly creatures (which can include yourself) within 30 feet of you who can see or hear you and w ho can understand you. Each creature can gain temporary hit points equal to your level + your Charisma modifier. A creature can’t gain temporary hit points from this feat again until it has finished a short or long rest.

So yes, they can use this feat once per rest, so it is just a hefty HP boost.

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Also that ten minute line makes it basically a ritual. Though non magical. And limited to once per short rest... Which most spells are not.

So it's not overpowered.

And a 2nd level Warlock can have False Life (self) at will, which provides significantly more potential Temp HP over a long day of battles. So it's certainly not more powerful than that.

Healer feat, provides an Extremely effective extremely affordable, technically non magical source of Healing.

You basically get a Field Medic for your team.

The Healer's Kits becomes its primary limitation once per short rest per target, and turns stabilize into a Pseudo Goodberry.

Especially with no magical Healer in your party, Healer and Inspiring Leader would be great booms, and excellent Roleplay inspirations.

(both have limits upon them that make them difficult to abuse under extreme pressure)

All it takes is a chase that denies a peaceful short rest, and the recharge will be delayed.

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