Could a Duskblade use Gauntlets of Energy Transformation (Magic Item Compendium, p. 102) to alter a channeled shocking grasp spell to another form of energy?

Their description states that the gauntlets

allow you to change the type of energy produced by any weapon you hold.

Once you have channeled shocking grasp could you use a swift action to transform the damage with the gauntlets to another type of energy damage?


Specific to your question:

No, the gauntlets wouldn't do that. The energy of Shocking Grasp is coming from the spell itself. Therefore, only a metamagic feat, or metamagic-like effect, could change the type of energy from Shocking Grasp; such as Energy Admixture (Complete Arcane).

The type of energy of the weapon that the gauntlets would change, would be from, for example, Flaming Burst to Icy Burst. That type of energy does come from the weapon, and not a spell.

If you are attacking while channeling a spell, you could still use the gauntlets to change the energy of the weapon if it is enchanted as such - but would not have an effect on the spell the weapon is channeling. So the gauntlets would have a benefit, especially if you are attacking something that is prone to a specific energy type.


I would say no.

In your scenario, the weapon isn't producing energy, the wielder is.
The weapon is just conducting that energy to the target.


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