I have AD&D 2e Faiths and Avatars supplement for Forgotten Realms. It contains descriptions and abilities for Specialty Priests - priests with additional capabilities (and restrictions) for each particular deity. Many have additional spells, or spell-like abilities that reference spells. However, some of these spells are in neither in the Faiths & Avatars book nor in the Player's Handbook. Can anyone point out or tell me where I can find an explanation of these spells?

For example, Tyr has Specialty Priests called of Holy Justices who can:

  • At 3rd level cast Strength of One (as the 3rd level priest spell) 1 time/day.
  • At 5th level cast Memory Read(as the 3rd level priest spell) 1 time/3 days.

This is just a sample of references to spells I have never heard of and can find neither in the Faiths & Avatars guide (as it has some new spells) nor in the Player's Handbook. What manual are they described in?


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There are two major sources of new spells for AD&D 2nd edition campaigns that predate Faiths & Avatars: the Tome of Magic and Forgotten Realms Adventures. Both of your example spells come from the ToM, for example.

A comprehensive reference for priest spells is the three-volume Preist's Spell Compendium, which, together with the four-volume Wizard's Spell Compendium, reputedly contain every spell ever published for AD&D 2nd edition. They were published late in the 2e era, so the set is a good reference for spells, even including their original sources. (Unfortunately, unlike the ToM and FRA, neither are available for sale in PDF at this point; though they likely will be made available in the future, as the similar Encyclopedia Magica has been.)


Both those spells can be found in the Tome of Magic.


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