DMG 272 says that "magical healing" can remove a limp, heal an internal injury, or mend a broken rib. Since these are considered to be "Lingering Injuries" it seems crazy that a simple "Cure Wounds" would end the condition. (Of course, I could be wrong).

So what does the term "Magical Healing" mean? Is it any magical effect that restores Hit Points? Do magical potions count?


Healing is constantly referred to in the rules as regaining hit points. The Lingering Injuries table says magical healing so that's exactly what it means; hit points regained through magical means.

The PHB says:

magical methods such as a cure wounds spell or a potion of healing can remove damage in an instant.

So yes, potions count.

In the case of a severed appendage then you have to use a spell that specifically says it restores such things (like Regenerate).

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