We have recently started playing Star Wars Saga Edition after Episode VII rekindled the fire. Each of us are taking turns in Game Mastering, but it's been nearly 15+ years since I last had any experience in role playing.

It's my understanding that your threatened area is considered to be those NPCs adjacent to your character. On your side, front, or back side is what I would consider a threatened area. Would a character that has a target behind them and on their side get an attack of opportunity?

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Saga-Edition SW works more or less like other WotC games that include attacks of opportunities.

The game does not recognize facing; there is no explicit "front" or "behind". There is only distance between characters.

By default, characters threaten the 8 squares directly adjacent to them. Reach weapons/attacks allow a character to threaten more squares.

Also, in order to threaten a square, you must be armed with an appropriate weapon. It must be one of: a natural weapon, a melee weapon, a pistol, a carbine, or any weapon with a folded stock. So if you're wielding a Heavy Blaster Rifle, you don't get to threaten your area (since it doesn't have a folding stock).

That being said, mounting a bayonet on your HBR does allow you to threaten squares (but only with the bayonet's damage).


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