This is my first post. StackExchange is an incredible community, thank to you!

I'm writing an RPG system and I'm looking for systems to inspire me with the following characteristics:

  1. The PCs are humans and have human limitations. The strongest man won't be able to lift a ton, the fastest won't outrun a horse, nor can one take a sword through the chest and walk away like nothing happened. Actually, you have to have tactics, skill and luck just to not die like a fly in combat. That means I want it gritty. Combat is not your first option.
  2. You can face powerful enemies with tactics, "dirty" tricks, numeric advantage, surprise, etc. like you would in real life. You face a dragon with intelligence, deception and traps, not using your infinity plus one sword.
  3. The player's ingenuity is encouraged, because most of times he will be against hard odds. In my system, the attribute + skill formula add to a maximum of 8, the mean is 4. The only die is a d6 giving a modifier of -1, 0 or +1. The circumstantial modifiers can range from -4 to +4. So, although luck plays a role, it's minimal: skills, attributes and tactics means the most. Even then, no matter the capacity of the PCs, if the players can come up with a reasonable plan I will let them try their hands at it. Tactics over skill, and skill over dumb luck.
  4. Classless, point-buy skill based. A small skill list (not much over 30), with broad skills, with escalating costs over upgrades. One skill point means a lot.
  5. Preferably a generic system. Not an overly big ruleset. About 20 pages of basic rules is enough, so that it takes 20 minutes or less to create a PC.
  6. Preferably use common d6 dice exclusively.
  7. Magic is optional. There can be low magic, but it has to be rare enough that many don't believe it. Still, being able to read people's minds, cast an illusion and talk to the dead is incredible as it wold be in real life, and can be central to the plot of an entire scenario.

As English is not my first language, I hope I was clear enough and the points I made give you an idea of what I want. Thank you all!

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