We have rules for intelligent magic items. We also have this note in psionic item rules:

Some psionic items, particularly weapons, have an intelligence all their own. Only permanent psionic items ... can be intelligent. ... In general, less than 1% of psionic items have intelligence.

Are there actual rules for making psionic intelligent items, instead of just recognition that they technically exist somewhere? I'll even take an alternative list of lesser, greater, and special powers that uses PLAs instead of SLAs, as long as it was published by WotC or even a third party.


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Unless there's some third party stuff somewhere, there are no rules for intelligent psionic items in 3.5e.

You can, however

Simply use the Intelligent Magic Item rules to generate psionic items that are intelligent. The list of abilities available to intelligent magic items can be replaced with same-level psionic abilities in the same school (school/discipline equivalencies can be found here, under each individual discipline) with the same 'theme' available the same number of times per day.

If you have a lot of experience with the system/fantasy tropes, you might be able to make more ground simply by designing your own intelligent item abilities, as the rules for intelligent items have always been relatively scanty and poorly thought through.


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