Given the following from the 5E MM (pg 176).

Monstrous Motherhood. Hags propagate by snatching and devouring human infants. After stealing a baby from its cradle or its mother's womb, the hag consumes the poor child. A week later, the hag gives birth to a daughter who looks human until her thirteenth birthday, whereupon the child transforms into the spitting image of her hag mother.

Hags sometimes raise the daughters they spawn, creating covens. A hag might also return the child to its grieving parents, only to watch from the shadows as the child grows up to become a horror.

Would a hag-child raised by it's parents end up necessarily evil? Or merely horrific?

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The intent I read in the quoted passage is that it should be evil, however it is up to the DM. The MM p. 7:

Feel free to depart from it and change a monster's alignment to suit the needs of your campaign. If you want a good-aligned green dragon, or an evil storm giant, there's nothing stopping you.

I believe it might be an interesting story to redeem a hag child.

Similar questions appeared about Demons and Celestrials a while ago here: Can a demon or devil be redeemed?


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