I was wondering if implement bonuses also apply to temporary hit points gained from a power's effect. So for example I do an attack that does 1d8 + [ability] damage (so 1d8 + [ability modifier] + [implement bonus] dmg). On hit this power has a secondary effect. It grands [ability modifier] temporary hit points.
Now my question: Does the [implement bonus] also apply for the temporary hit points gained though this power??


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No, then Enhancement Bonus of a magic item (weapon or implement) is only added to attack and damage rolls.

For items that give an enhancement bonus, this entry specifies what that bonus applies to: AC, other defenses, or attack rolls and damage rolls. Magic weapons and implements grant their enhancement bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls only when you use powers delivered through the weapon or the implement (or directly from the weapon or the implement, for items that have attack powers).

PHB page 225

If it has a property that increases Temporary Hit Points, that's another thing.


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