The Apocalypse World and the derived games usually state that if the player can describe that he's doing something, he does that.

Unless there is a move for that. If there is a move, and the move is localized in one playbook, the logic gets fuzzy.

But if, for example, the character tries to bend bars or lift gates in Dungeon World? Can he do that? There is a move for that in the Fighter's playbook, but what if the character in question is a Barbarian? What if that Barbarian has a bigger Str score than the party's Fighter? Will that depend on whether there is a Fighter in the party?

How to handle characters attempting to do something others have specialized moves for?


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The logic doesn't really get fuzzy. You just have to trust it.

So either the character just does it (and the logical consequences of that follow), or they trigger a move (but only one they have access to).

An action that would trigger bend bars or lift gates (if performed by a Fighter) is likely to trigger defy danger if performed by someone else.

You'll notice that the 7-9 result for defy danger is much nastier than the 7-9 result for bend bars or lift gates … which is why the players would probably much rather have a Fighter attempt it.


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