A new edition of Traveller by Mongoose was released in early 2016. What is the proper name for it if I want to distinguish it from other versions of Traveller. Is it Mongoose Traveller, 2nd Edition? Or does it have some other name?

The cover is no help, but I'm wondering if it's like Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition where the cover doesn't say it's 5th Edition, but the title page does say it.

(I do realize that our RPG.SE tag is "mongoose-traveller-2", but I figure there is a more authoritative source than that).


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It is officially just "Traveller."

Mongoose simply uses "New Traveller" on their product Web site to distinguish it from the older products, which are listed as "Last Chance to Buy Traveller!". Clearly not a branding term.

On their product forums, it's one forum for all editions and where applicable on a question posters just say "1e" or "2e."

It is not uncommon nowadays for subsequent game editions to be not branded differently at all by the publisher.


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