Spoilers! Careful, there are spoilers ahead. If you are playing the adventure Lost Mines of Phandelver or ever plan to in the future, please stop reading now.

Hello everyone,

I'm DM'ing the Lost Mines of Phandelver adventure. We've just arrived at the Hideout

beneath Tresendar Manor, belonging to the Redbrands

There is a small issue that does not seem to be explained in the rulebook. I have split this issue into 2 questions, with part 2 being here.

In Area 1

There is a wall on the north side of the room leading to area 3. From the drawing it looks like it's breakable, but the text describes it as 'part of the original cellar'. Is this wall discernable for the PC's, or is this a hidden passage?
Area 1 to Area 3


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The odd-looking wall below the number 3 in the diagram isn't special in any way. The map itself is confusing, but it's trying to depict that there is a tunnel underneath the stone balcony.

Basically, the white door with the dotted lines is at ground level, then there is one set of stairs that leads up to the stone balcony. From that balcony, another set of stairs leads up to the door on the east of the room. The odd-looking wall is the artist's license to show that there is a tunnel beneath the balcony. Admittedly, it could be clearer.

If you'd like to add a secret door or hidden passage there, you certainly could, but nothing in the module suggests it.

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