In early 2016, a new edition of Traveller by Mongoose was released (referred to by some as Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition). What are the major rule and setting differences between this version and the 1st edition released in 2008?

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I have never played any Traveller, however I have found an RPG.net review, on which I base my answer.

  • Size: 2nd edition has 60 more pages.
  • The art: 1st edition was made in 80s style. 2nd looks more modern, with a great layout and adequate art. There are lots of illustrations.
  • The base system: Now includes both positive and negative modifiers. Opponents skill levels/defense values subtracted from the one roll. Opposed rolls are kept to a minimum. The target number for success can range from 4 to whatever.
  • New mechanic (Bane/Boon): you roll 1 more die, and drop either the highest or lowest roll before determining total
  • "Academies" It gives you a lot more control over your first term as you get to select skills rather than roll randomly. If you graduate, it guarantees your entry in your career of choice.
  • Jack of all Trades: The skill that can be gained ONLY during character creation.
  • Skills: They have been grouped into specializations to remove skill bloat. There is also a nice description under every speciality.
  • Dual wielding available
  • Encounters & Dangers: Whole section has been improved and detailed.
  • Equipment: Needed explanations have been added. Armour have been optimized. Their values and costs now make sense. Augments, that boost your abilities have been added. Communication and Computers/Computer software section has been updated and clarified.Weapon section has been upgraded.
  • Vehicles: Are described by traits and hull values. There are Speed-bands for the vehicle speed. Lots of new rules have been added.
  • Spacecraft operations and combat They have taken a new, better approach.
  • Psionics: Has been revised and detailed more clearly. It has also become more helpful.
  • Trading: You can no longer sell for 400% of base price, it is limited to 200% now.

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