I've been reading the core rulebook -and loving it-, and planning to run a game soon, and I'm guessing that if there's no mention of more than one attack of opportunity anywhere, it's because a player or foe can make just one in a turn.

If this is the case, is there in other book of the game, a feat or power that changes this? (as Combat Reflexes in Pathfinder).

Or am I missing something in the book? (I just have the core rulebook for now).


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There's no limit on the number of opportunity attacks a creature can make: it's a free action, triggered by the action of an enemy, that takes place during their turn.


There is no limit.

A creature can make opportunity attacks as often as they are provoked, because opportunity attacks are free actions.

See the following rules excerpts from the 13th Age SRD on opportunity attacks (emphasis mine):

When a creature gets to make an opportunity attack, it can make a basic melee attack against that foe as a free action during the turn of the creature that is provoking the opportunity attack.

And on the use of free actions (emphasis mine):

You can take any number of free actions on your turn, as allowed by the GM. Creatures can also take free actions when it’s not their turn as part of a triggering condition.

The action economy does not restrict them to a limited number per round like it would if they used an interrupt action, standard action, move action, quick action.


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