As the title says. Well, Mage Revised doesn't even say they're double-cost - but Guide to the Technocracy says:

Like the Background: Device (Talisman), each dot in Enhancements costs two Background points, not one; the modifications are essentially built-in devices.

Device does not clarify, merely pointing to the Talisman background in the Mage corebook which, near as I can tell, does not actually exist - unless it's in the pre-Revised edition?

At any rate, assuming it is, in fact, double-cost, why is it double cost? What's the game balance reason?


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As of Mage 20th Anniversary Edition—which should probably supersede the pre-Revised Guide to the Technocracy—the double cost only exists for Enhancements but not Wonders (Devices/Fetishes/Talismans). There's only a throwaway line as to why.

Thanks to its powerful effects and unusual properties, the Enhancements Trait is more expensive than usual. This Background costs TWO points per dot, instead of the usual one point. (Page 313.)

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They're not.

To address the question in the title: neither in Mage 2nd Edition, Mage Revised, Guide to the Technocracy, nor Mage: 20th Anniversary Edition does the background Talisman (or Wonder, or Device) cost double to acquire. As a result, the reference you're quoting in GttT was likely an error at the time that was corrected in the most recent edition, which would be M20.

Now, if you're also asking why Enhancements cost double, it's because as transformative mods (Genengineering and Cybernetics), they essentially boost the power level of a character in a way that cannot be easily removed or neutralized. Typical Backgrounds can be lost, stolen, or otherwise separated from the character; these can't.


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