So I've looked in PHB1 and 2, as well as all over the internets, and I can't find a clear answer.

I play a level 12 Dreadnought Fighter, wearing Rimefire Plate armor. The armor gives a static "Resist 1 All," and my Dreadnought Path feature "Dreadnought Action" grants me "Resist 10 All" when I use an action point to attack. After spending an action point, would I have Resist 11 All or Resist 10 All?

I also have items and a power that can grant me resist all. Do any of these stack? I've been playing it as they don't, but I'd love if they did.

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Unless it specifically says otherwise they do not stack. It's item 28 on the PHB FAQ over at Wizards.com.

Note that this applies to all resistances, so you'd only get the Resist 10 All.


Here's a snippet from the Compendium entry that is linked in the FAQ.

Not Cumulative: Resistances against the same damage type are not cumulative. Only the highest resistance applies. For example, if you have resist 5 cold and then gain resist 10 cold, you have resist 10 cold, not resist 15 cold. Similarly, if you have resist 5 cold and then gain resist 2 to all damage, you still have resist 5 cold, not resist 7 cold.

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