The True Polymorph spell allows you to turn a creature into an object and if you concentrate on it for 1 hour it becomes permanent. The relevant text follows:

Choose one creature or non-magical object that you can see within range. You transform [...] the creature into an object [...].


Creature into Object. If you turn a creature into an object, it transforms along with whatever it is wearing and carrying into that form. The creature's statistics become those of the object...

Can polymorph be used to create magic items by polymorphing creatures into objects? Answers can have DM Fiat, but I would prefer a rules based answer or an answer by Jeremy Crawford or Sage Advice or some other 'official' source.


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You cannot create magic items with true polymorph

Per the 2018 PHB errata, true polymorph now explicitly disallows the transformation of creatures into magic items:

You transform the creature into a different creature, the creature into a nonmagical object, or the object into a creature [..]

Rules as Intended agrees

So Jeremy Crawford, lead rules developer of D&D, had ruled previously about the intent (which now agrees with the RAW above):

...whatever it is that you're targeting or transforming the person into [with true polymorph], when it comes to objects it should always be a nonmagical object. (DRAGON TALK - 10/26/17 45:30)

he also indicated this previously in a tweet:

True polymorph is not intended to make magic items.


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