I am trying to find the alternate character generation rules for Mechwarrior 3rd edition that does not use life paths and instead just uses a point buy system. Looking to use the rules for another setting (FFG's Android setting) and the life path system will not work for it.

I know it was printed in a later book but I cannot recall which one and my group member who owned that book has since left.

If anyone knows which book it is in so I can begin hunting it down, it would be very helpful. Or if it was reprinted for Classic Battletech RPG even.


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Some diligent searching has uncovered the Classic BattleTech Companion. The book is from the FanPro era of BattleTech (it had 'Classic' in the title at it's first printing, unlike the 'Classic BattleTech RPG', which was a reprint of MechWarrior Third Edition), and covers the third edition of the RPG. The book is currently not available on DriveThru or BattleCorps (May 2015).


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