Fourthcore adventures have an ingrained time limit that puts pressure on player action and prompts fast, dashy solutions rather than overcautious approaches (or at least has the players chose which one is less detrimental to them).

Suppose I want to play the fourthcore dungeons over the internet, specifically on a play-by-forum, and I decide that the time limit will change to a certain number of in-game rounds.

Now, I know that not every group moves at the same pace and some tables might be faster than others, yet the fourthcore scenarios give the same amount of play time to everybody. So, what would be a reliable way to set this timer? How many rounds for, e.g., a three-hour scenario? Should it vary according to the number of fighting encounters (that tend to consume more damage per round)?

This time will probably be changed after some playtesting, but I don't think I will do much myself.


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