Because of their shapechanging ability, I was wondering if Doppelgangers have a sex or are they sexless? Are they male, female or neither?

Does it differ between editions of D&d?

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It is defined in some settings, such as Eberron where they are neuter:

Unlike true doppelgangers, changelings do have gender in their natural form, although they can adopt any shape they like. - Changelings, p. 12, Eberron Campaign Setting

It is not otherwise/explicitly defined in the Monster Manual for other settings. If it's a plot point, the GM should decide.


The only official source I can find for this question is an article published in Dragon #80 entitled "The Psychology of Doppelgangers", which includes the following conversation:

"My lord, you don't understand. One of the anomalies I found was the absence of any reproductive organs, either on the dead specimen or this one. This has to mean-"

"You're quite clever, wizard." This time, the hissing voice was slightly less contemptuous. "No, we cannot reproduce except in your form."

So apparently, at least in previous editions, doppelgangers are sexless and rely on taking human form to perpetuate their species.

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