I own most of the D&D 3.5e rule books, but I've always wondered: were there any printed books of the d20 SRD ruleset (e.g. like the PHB, DMG, and MM books) that just include the d20 SRD rules, without the non-d20 D&D specific information?

I'd love to have a SRD 3.5 rulebook to keep by my side when gaming or needing to look up information for use in a module or source book that I may wish to write and not have to worry about accidentally including any D&D stuff from their books.

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In 2004 during the d20 boom Mongoose published under the Open Gaming License the Mongoose Pocket Player's Handbook and the Mongoose Pocket GM's Guide, which, combined, were, essentially, the d20 SRD minus, I think, the monsters. An RPG.net review of the former is here.


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