How would a shield that is both a magic armor and a magic weapon be costed? For example, I want a shield with +5 to AC and +5 to Attack. Does it cost the same as a +10 shield? Or does it cost the same as a +5 shield plus a +5 weapon?

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My answer is the same as the related question: the magic is completely separate. So the cost is just one plus the other. They do not get lumped together for pricing.

So a +5 enhancement bonus to the shield bonus is 25,000 gp and a +5 enhancement bonus to attack and damage is 50,000 gp; it costs 75,000 gp to add both a masterwork shield (which must be masterwork both as a shield/armor, for 150 gp, and as a weapon, for 300 gp, so the shield itself is worth at least 450 gp before the magic is applied).

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