In the original White Plume Mountain,

at the end of one of the corridors (in area 27) there is an ogre mage named Qesnef, described as follows:

> AC: 1, HD: 5+2, MV: 9"/15", HP: 35, AT: 1, D: 1-12, SA: [irrelevant], SD: Regenerates 1 point per round also wears a Ring of Protection +3 on his left hand and a Ring of Mirror Images (5 charges) on his right.

How does one determine this monster's actual AC? In other words, is the Ring of Protection +3 already factored in to the listed AC of 1?

This sort of monster is usually AC 4, which would seem to imply that the Ring is factored in, but being a unique/named monster I wasn't sure if there was some special rule that applied.


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Stat blocks in AD&D adventures are always the final calculated values, whether they're named creatures or stock.

Qesnef has AC 1, as indicated.


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