I've been playing as a Runepriest for a number of sessions now. I have two powers that create Zones, but I think I've been using them wrong and couldn't find any clarification.

Both are similar. They create a zone with certain buffs and said zone can be Sustained from turn to turn with a minor action (Sustain: Minor)

Does the location of the zone change as my character moves, since it does say its Burst 1 or Burst 3 (and that comes from my character)? Or is the zone static once the power is used? OR, does the zone relocate whenever I sustain it with a minor action?

I'm starting to think that I cannot move the zone once placed, but as that would be the least beneficial answer, I figured I should turn to people who should know better then me, so that I can get a clear answer.


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It depends on the power.

By default, zones cannot be moved. Some powers include wording along the lines of, "...and you may move the zone up to X squares," in their sustain lines, and so their zones can be moved each time the power is sustained. But if nothing in the power says it moves the zone, then the zone cannot be moved.


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