Is there a more comprehensive list of basic non-Golarian languages in Pathfinder than the one found in the Linguistics skill's description?

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    \$\begingroup\$ When you say "non-Golarian" languages, are you seeking only Core Rulebook languages? Or languages that are in other supplements yet specifically not in the Golarian setting? Or something else? \$\endgroup\$ Jul 9, 2016 at 4:21

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The d20pfsrd lists thirty-four languages, more than the twenty-one that are referenced under the paizo.com site:

  1. Aboleth
  2. Abyssal
  3. Aklo
  4. Aquan ("Tongue of the Sea")
  5. Auran ("Tongue of the Heavens")
  6. Boggard
  7. Celestial
  8. Common
  9. Cyclops
  10. Dark Folk
  11. Draconic
  12. Drow Sign Language
  13. Druidic
  14. Dwarven
  15. D’ziriak
  16. Elven
  17. Giant
  18. Gnoll
  19. Gnome
  20. Goblin
  21. Grippli
  22. Halfling
  23. Ignan ("Tongue of Fire")
  24. Infernal
  25. Necril
  26. Orc
  27. Protean
  28. Sphinx
  29. Sylvan
  30. Tengu
  31. Terran ("Tongue of Earth")
  32. Treant
  33. Undercommon
  34. Vegepygmy

If you are like me, and you like to dig into the guts of your PCGen installation, you can see all twenty-one languages that come with the core rulebook along with "Read Lips." This would make twenty-two languages.

The command:

grep TYPE  /Applications/PCGen\ 6.04.00.app/Contents/Resources/Java/data/pathfinder/paizo/roleplaying_game/core_rulebook/cr_languages.lst

Gives the output:

Abyssal TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read.Planar
Aklo        TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read
Aquan       TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read.Elemental
Auran       TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read.Elemental
Celestial   TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read.Planar
Common  TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read
Draconic    TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read
Druidic TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read        PREVAREQ:DruidSecretLanguage,1
Dwarven TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read
Elven       TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read
Giant       TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read
Gnoll       TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read
Gnome       TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read
Goblin  TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read
Halfling    TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read
Ignan       TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read.Elemental
Infernal    TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read.Planar
Orc     TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read
Sylvan  TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read
Terran  TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read.Elemental
Undercommon TYPE:Spoken.Written.Read
Read Lips   TYPE:Spoken

The command:

grep -c  TYPE  /Applications/PCGen\ 6.04.00.app/Contents/Resources/Java/data/pathfinder/paizo/roleplaying_game/core_rulebook/cr_languages.lst



This example above searches through an installation of PCGen on Mac OS X by opening iTerm2 and the grep command. Other installations on other platforms should work similarly using similar tools.


There are 126 languages currently available from all first party Paizo supplements when you include the Golarion specific languages. I can tell this from my Hero Lab software, but I'm not sure there's a completely comprehensive list elsewhere, though most are reflected on the Golarion Wiki's language page.

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