I found in Rites of the Blood on pg.136 that rituals can be learned for free for Tremere/Giovanni/Other as long a teacher is available + other resources (those are not a problem) but it takes time. I wasn't able to find how much time. That information might have been published in another companion book.

Could you point me in the right direction to figure out how long it takes to learn a ritual based on it's level?

Would prefer information published in recent editions if available such as Vampire the Masquerade V20 or Vampire the Dark Ages 20. Not just the core books; any Vampire V20 books would do, like Rites of the Blood.


Your answer can be found in the V20 core rulebook on page 230:

Learning a new ritual can take anywhere from a few nights (Level One ritual) to months or years (Level Five ritual). Some mystics have studied individual rituals for decades, or even centuries.

On the assumption that the final sentence is Storyteller puffery, you can presume that the number of nights is proportional to the dots of the ritual, and that whereas you might pick up a •• or ••• Ritual in a few sessions, a ••••• Ritual might take an entire Chronicle to learn.


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