My GM is having issues with adding high PP bonus to jet fighter dodge rolls. He isn't seeing bonus from high PP (e.g. 27 PP, +6 TO to combat HtH & vehicle dodge). I am proficient in jet-fighter combat elite & the vehicle. Please provide references with answers!

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Rifts Dimension Book 2: Phase World (1994) on Fighters and Small Vessel Combat on page 151 describes bonuses for the skill Fighter Combat "Elite" Combat Training. These bonuses include…

  • 2 extra attacks/actions with the fighter's weapon and +1 additional attack/action at levels 5 and 10.
  • +2 to strike with the fighter's weapons that's cumulative with the skill Weapon Systems.
  • +5 to dodge while flying the fighter.
  • +3 to dog-fighting rolls (with the text describing dog-fighting).
  • Using the pilot's hand-to-hand-combat-skill-modified chance of a critical strike with the fighter's weapons.

While the text doesn't mention adding the pilot's bonuses from Physical Prowess (P.P.) to the vehicle's dodge rolls, the same page does say that during a dog-fight

the player for each pilot rolls a 20 sided die, adding their dog-fighting bonus (including P.P. bonuses), [sic] and any ship movement bonuses. The faster or more maneuverable of the two vessels gets a +2 to the roll. The winner gets to be the the dog tail. The loser is the dog.

(Emphasis as per the original.) Maybe this is this belief's origin? Anyway, I know that somewhere in the Rifts canon there are vehicles that are more responsive than others (skycycles perhaps?) and those may specifically allow adding the pilot's P. P. bonuses to his vehicle's dodge attempts, but Fighter Combat "Elite" Combat Training in Phase World doesn't mention this.

Just to confirm there wasn't another Jet Fighter Combat: Elite skill (because, c'mon… Rifts… whatdyagonnado?), I looked at four claiming-to-be complete lists of Rifts skills: two mentioned this Phase World skill, and the other two didn't mention this or any other one. Maybe the rules you're using say that this skill actually does what you want it do, but the skill itself is of no help in backing you up.

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