I've seen this feat before, but I can't find it anymore... All I remember are the following qualities:

  • I believe it was a feat, though since my memory has failed me in other areas, it might also be a Rage power
  • It allowed you to spend 3 rounds of your Rage in order to gain a benefit
  • I believe the benefit was extra damage on a single attack

I originally found it on the German Pathfinder PRD, which shouldn't be all that different from the english counterpart. Either way, the German version doesn't include a large variety of books, so I don't imagine it comes from a very exotic edition.


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You're looking for Raging Brutality.

Raging Brutality, from the Ultimate Combat book, lets you, while raging and power attacking, trade 3 rounds of rage to gain a damage bonus equal to your Con modifier for the rest of your turn (1.5x Con for 2-handed melee weapons).


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