If you learn an in-clan Discipline, you don't need a mentor. However, you do need one if the Discipline is out-of-clan, and in V20 you also need to drink one blood point, automatically succumbing to level one Blood Bond. Plus, the cost is increased.

But for Caitiff I know that the cost does not change (they don't basically have a clan) and they can take anything at character creation.

The question: If they want to learn a new Discipline or advance in an existing one, do they need someone who can teach it?


Yes, they do.

Neither the description of how one learns disciplines on page 128 of V20 nor the full write-up on Caitiff in the V20 Storyteller's Companion offers them an exemption from the requirement to have a teacher and drink a point of blood from them before learning a new discipline. Advancing in a discipline requires a mentor, but not another drink.


It is different for both learning new and improving old disciplines: Learning new ones:

Learning a new out-of-clan Discipline requires that the teacher feeds the student a point of their blood before instruction begins, to start the mystical tie to the Discipline being taught.

Improving old ones:

Improving knowledge of a Discipline already known does not require such a transfer (although some unscrupulous teachers may claim that it’s still necessary).

It all is in Advancing Disciplines sidebox at page 128 (or 137) in the VTM V20 pdf.

A further method also exists btw in the form of diablery. It depends on the point of view if you see that as having a mentor or not though.


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