Most of the adventurers out there already have some kind of experience (their background) when they go on their first quest.

However, I think that a character can not always be prepared for adventures. A farmer whose village was just burnt to ashes by savage orcs might want to get revenge. I intend to create an ordinary character as the DM — from a DM's perspective, which background should such an ordinary person get ?


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If I remember correctly, the backgrounds don't all involve previous experience. However, there's nothing stopping you from reflavouring backgrounds dependant on your character.

In the case of the farmer, you could use the Guild Artisan background and reflavour it so s/he's a member of the Farming Guild, their artisan's tools are their farming tools, the guild membership could be the farmers' market, etc.

A town guard could use the Soldier background, perhaps he's served watching the walls his entire life but he still had to go through the basic training that provided him with all those different proficiencies.

And of course, there's nothing to stop you homebrewing a character background either!

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