Could you multiclass a 10 levels of land druid with 10 levels of moon druid, and, if so, would the level progression stack for wildshape and spells levels since they are all druid levels?

I am not currently in a campaign so I do not have a DM to ask. I was reading the PHB and wondering about how the rules would handle this particular situation. I am asking out of curiosity, and also because, from reading some forums, one complaint I saw was that druids did not multiclass well. This seemed like it might be an interesting option that I had not seen anybody mention. In fact, I had not seen anybody ever speak of multi-classing two sub-classes of the same kind in any class before.

Theoretically, one might wonder if one could do this with two types of monks or two types of warlock pacts, etc--although with the druid, it seems as if the payoff might be especially high.

That is why I asked.

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