My wife wants to make some area markers for zones and such that powers create. She has a bunch of burst 1 powers at the moment. Before she starts making them she wants to know what other sizes she might be needing.

I've seen some burst 3 w/ minor sustain druid powers (or maybe "until end of encounter").

Is there a list of what sizes are common in heroic tier? Or is there some non-insane way to use the compendium to research it? (i.e. not "scrape all the info, post process the data...")

  • \$\begingroup\$ It's not nearly as cool visually, but my group just uses 4 coins to mark the corners of zones. Just an idea if you're in a pinch. \$\endgroup\$
    – dpatchery
    Jun 26, 2011 at 13:18

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To address your meta-question, you can search DDI for common sizes, like so:

  • zone levels 1-10, returns 153 results
  • zone burst 1 levels 1-10, 66 results
  • zone "burst 2" levels 1-10, 33 results
  • zone "burst 3" levels 1-10, 16 results
  • zone "burst 4", levels 1-10, 0 results
  • zone "burst 5",, levels 1-10 12 results
  • 0 results for 6..9
  • zone "burst 10", levels 1-10, 2 results

Of course, you can select out druid for even more precise queries.

Roughly speaking, a 3x3,5x5, and 7x7 should serve your purposes. While there and 11x11 and a few 21x21 they are effectively "entire battlefield" for most reasonable values of "battlefield"

These sizes are also useful for documenting monster auras. In my experience, a wire guide enamelled with a certain colour, is probably your best bet, as it doesn't involve replacing every figure on the board when a zone or aura changes. You can also use them for quickly estimating ranges and bursts for normal powers.


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