There are historical references to wearing silk under armor. If the silk is loose enough, arrows bind in it rather than break through. The benefit of this is that the arrow's barbs are covered by the silk, allowing the head to be pulled back out of the wound, causing less damage than other treatment methods.

What items replicate this, and what are their specs or properties? On the old Wizards of the Coast website, there was something about a +2 to heal checks.


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No official silk or silklike armors grant a bonus to Heal skill checks

That include armors made from actual silk:

  • silk armor (Dragon Compendium Volume 1 116; originally Dragon #298 50) (5,000 gp; 15 lbs.)
  • silk swathes (Sandstorm 99) (400 gp; 6 lbs.)
  • twisted silk (Dragon #348 87) (400 gp; 15 lbs.)

And that includes armors made from things called silk:

  • shadowsilk hide (Tome of Magic 155) (2,500 gp; 5.5 lbs.)
  • shadowsilk leather (Tome of Magic 155) (1,750 gp; 4 lbs.)
  • shadowsilk padded (Tome of Magic 155) (1,500 gp; 2.5 lbs.)
  • spidersilk armor (Underdark 66, Shadowdale: Scouring of the Land 149) (750 gp; 5 lbs.) (No, not this one.)

All such armors are light armors, but spidersilk armor is an exotic light armor, requiring a separate feat for proficiency with it. (The armor's armor check penalty is only −1 though, so making it masterwork means not really needing the proficiency.)

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You are thinking of the silk shirt from Mongoose Publishing's "Ultimate Equipment Guide Volume 1." It's not armor, it's just a shirt, and it does give a +2 circumstance bonus to Heal checks to heal damage caused by a ranged piercing weapon.

Shirt, Silk: 28 gp; 1 lb.


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