What is the name of this mountain/hill chain, northwest of Secomber? I can't seem to find any information on them, much less their name.

A map excerpt showing the area east of Waterdeep, centered on a hills/mountain region that is not labelled.
Map excerpt from free map of NW Faerûn published by WotC


Scourge of the Sword Coast includes a detailed (and well labelled) map of the area - which tells us the hills in question are called The Forlorn Hills.

(Copies of the map, either digital or poster-print, can be bought from the artist/cartographer Mike Schley. The D&D Next adventure can be bought from DMs Guild.)

Princes of the Apocalypse takes place in the Dessarin Valley, to the north of the Forlorn Hills - they appear on the southern edge of the area map.

A less detailed, but still well-labelled, map can be seen at the Forgotten Realms Wiki.

And another can be found in the pages of the free Web Enhancement download for City of Splendors: Waterdeep.

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As other users said, they're the Forlorn Hills, while Marco Volo also states:

Well-learned folk know the [Crumbling] Stair to be a ruin that stands in what some call "the Sword Hills," a lawless, brigand-infested hill country east of Waterdeep, betwixt Ardeep Forest and Uluvin

This is in "The Adventures of Volo - the Crumbling Stair" by Ed Greenwood, I believe it's in Dragon #275.


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