D20 Modern had a system where instead of tracking your money directly, it would track a "wealth" attribute. Transactions have a DC instead of price, and a Wealth check is made to determine if a character can afford buying something. The check can also alter Wealth representing excessive spending or profits.

Has anyone published something like this for D&D 5e? Or has anyone had success adapting it as a homebrew system?

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5e doesn't have that natively. But you've got two options...

  1. The DMG gives good guidance on how to design it yourself. Check the DMG at pp.264-266: "New Ability Scores: Honor and Sanity."

    It's a description of those two particular scores, but has enough commentary to use them as a good structure for designing your own score. (And remember, that's the purpose of the core rules: to give you an excellent example of a D&D game, so that you can craft yours.)

  2. Published Wealth rules: On DM's guild you'll find 5-minute workday's variant rules. One of the variant rules presented is wealth, and it's explicitly modeled on the d20 modern system. Starting wealth, tie-in to 5e lifestyles, maintaining wealth, wealth checks, wealth saves (!), and business ownership: it's all there.

    I will admit: I've not (yet) played with this variant. I've used others from this author and been generally pleased. And at $0.50, it's not too much to try out.

If I can throw a piece of advice out there: if you decide ot go option 2, spend ten minutes to make up your own first. In my experience you'll learn a lot more about how you want your game to work by comparing yours to 5MWD's--no matter which or what you nd up using--than if you just read someone else's work.


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