I need numbered counters for my game. Often I'm using dice, but going up and down by one takes time to search for the other face, and it might roll.

So I tried to find some cardboard counters: I imagined two discs attached to each other such that the front one is hiding all numbers of the lower one except for one and then beeing able to turn the discs to change the shown number.

I'm sure I've seen these things, but on Amazon and eBay I just get these mechanical counters which go up to 1000 and can only go in one direction and anyway are too big, or a lot of app suggestions which I don't like so much.

What is the name of these type of counters and where do I get them?

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Make your own.

As an example, see the "Combat Computer" from Dragon 74 (last 2 pages, although check out the character creation program written in Basic in the middle).

All you need is a piece of cardboard, something to write with and a split thumb tack, all available for less than $1 at your local newsagent. Cut one ring bigger than the other, write numbers on the big ring, put an arrow on the small ring, push the split tack through the middle and voila!

  • \$\begingroup\$ For a little more sophistication, any graphic editor has the tools to create the window disk and the background part (I'd recommend Inkscape as its tools are especially good for this kind of task). Print the result, and glue to light card stock (or print directly on the card stock, if your printer can handle it), cut out, and fasten at the center so they turn with a little friction -- done! \$\endgroup\$ – Zeiss Ikon Sep 16 '16 at 12:08

I find a French website about the Magic card game counter Google translated here, it list different method

If you search about Magic the Gathering counter, you will find lots of subject on the matter, there is even apps for that


Make your own

A metal ruler and a magnetic button (or small fridge magnet).

A small abacus or similar (might be available from budget stores).

A repurposed game. For example Connect 4 or 3D tic tac toe.

A small whiteboard, something like the Pathfinder intiative tracker or the Alea Tools tracker. I use something like this on a whiteboard I bought from a stationery shop.

A deck of cards, already sorted. Each round, turn over the next card.

Pegs or clips along the top of your DMS screen or along the edge of a game box. As seen here at roleplayingtips.com and here at SkylandGames.


I found these discs at spielematerial which you could write numbers on and point the arrows at. They seem to be called "selection discs" but I think that is probably a translation from the German.


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