Can you teleport with a teleport self only spell if you have the other character inside of an extra-dimensional storage in your possession?

For example a Hound Archon tries to teleport with 4 PC's inside his bag of holding that he has on him, not exceeding the 50 pound limit.

Yes, that's legit

Creatures and objects in a bag of holding (and other similar extradimensional spaces) are literally on a different plane from such a creature employing the teleport effect, so those objects and creatures within the bag don't count toward the teleport effect's weight or passenger capacity. The creature using the teleport effect is, essentially, just carrying a (perhaps heavy) door; the creature's not carrying the entire house and all it contains.

Yes you can. You're not teleporting people, just the entrance to the space they're in, which you're not teleporting with you anyway.

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