A Wizard can use his feats to learn Arcane Discoveries. Do they count as feats for effects that modify feats like spell perfection which doubles the numerical bonuses applied to a spell by feats.

I can not access the d20pfsrd site from this computer so I used archives of Nethys, once more.


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If they were feats, it would say so. But instead, it says the opposite, that they can be learned instead of feats:

A wizard can learn an arcane discovery in place of a regular feat or wizard bonus feat.

Arcane discoveries are class abilities.


Arcane discoveries are wizard-exclusive. They are not unlike archetypes (you could call them minor archetypes or alternate class features) in which they replace a bonus feat from the wizard progression, OR a regular feat the wizard character would receive from leveling.

Note that a discovery cannot be gained with a bonus feat from another source if multiclassing.

Since it does not says anything, you could dip 1 level of wizard and unlock the discoveries to purchase with level advancement feats.

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