Mass Aid is a level 3 spell (it can be found in Spell Compendium page 8) and the base (non-mass) spell Aid is a level 2 spell. This is just a +1 difference.

All other Mass spells have about +4 levels to basic versions, not +1. For example, cure light wounds is level 1 and the mass version is level 5, same with moderate serious and critical cures, and they all have a limit 1 target per lvl too.

Mass Aid also does not have a limitation of one target per caster level (RAW) like most other spells.

One could say Aid is [single target] Bless plus a preemptive Cure Light Wounds. Aid is also comparable to False Life, a lvl 2 mage spell. I think the extra hitpoints of Aid is a lot more important than the paltry bonuses of Bless at low levels (when some characters have really low hitpoints and can't survive even a few AoE damage). But still compared to Mass Cure Light Wounds, Mass Aid seems way underleveled.

Is there a reason it's so wacky?
Am I missing something?


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Quite simply because aid isn’t a very good spell, and more to the point, it scales poorly. The attack bonus is small and the damage bonus is paltry; the bonus on saves against fear may very well be forgotten entirely. It also grants very few temporary HP, and temporary HP aren’t really particularly good protection.

Realistically, aid shouldn’t have been a 2nd-level spell to begin with. As a 1st-level spell, it’d be mediocre but possibly worth preparing (and it is probably too good for an orison).


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