I am a newish tabletop RPG player who recently joined a small group of friends with 2-3 experienced rpgers and 3 new players. Up until now we have played a long Pathfinder campaign and several one-shots of Cthulhu style games, very light on rules. We never thought we could have so much fun with role playing!

The thing is we recently decided all of us to sit in the DM's chair at least once and to see how it goes. I chose the latest edition of Fate as my system (fell in love with the rules after reading the Fate Core manual) and the day I will be DMing approaches. I have read several Fate World books and I will probably try Masters of Umdaar, mainly because it is FAE and not Core, and because I feel the players may have an easier time getting introduced to a completely different way of roleplaying (compared to our previous Pathfinder/D&D/Cthulhu games) with a "standard-ish" fantasy setting compared to Secrets of Cats or Gods and Monsters for example.

I would really love to make a good impression on my players playing in a completely different RPG style . But setting seeing how Fate is very friendly to strange settings I am also tempted to try one of these (cats? ruling countries? playing divinities?). What setting do you suggest for a newbie GM new to Fate too? It should be apt for a one or two shot session.

My ultimate goal is to get them hooked to the Fate system and DM an Eclipse Phase Fate campaign (I really love the EP scifi/transhumanism setting but I dislike the EP rules on paper).

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