Where can I find the Catalogues of Enlightenment touchstone combo?


A quick search on this very site, gives the answer (in someone else's question)

The touchstone site Catalogues of Enlightenment (Planar Handbook 166-7)...


The Planar Handbook describes the touchstone site Catalogues of Englightenment (166-7).

The Planar Handbook describes the feat Planar Touchstone (41-2), but it's also available free here. Technically, the Magic of Incarnum version of the feat Planar Touchstone (207) supersedes the Planar Handbook version except in campaigns where the Planar Handbook is considered a primary source for such topics. It doesn't really matter: the PlH and MoI feats are functionally identical; the PlH version provides more information, though.

Interestingly (to me, anyway), while the feat Planar Touchstone has as a prerequisite Knowledge (the planes) 8 ranks, the Sandstorm feat Touchstone (53) has as a prerequisite either Knowledge (local) 8 ranks or a 250-gp touchstone key, making the later-published feat Touchstone available at level 3 in all but the stingiest-with-the-gp campaigns.

The only difference between the two feats is that the Planar Handbook feat Planar Touchstone requires the creature to attune initially to an extraplanar touchstone site and the Sandstorm feat Touchstone requires the creature to attune initially to a Material Plane touchstone site. This distinction ends upon the creature attuning to a second site (replacing the initial site), and the two feats can be used interchangeably thereafter—that is, a later site can be extraplanar or a Material Plane site, as the feat's possessor desires and depending on the campaign's availability of appropriate keys to break.

(There's a minor (and perhaps unintentional) difference between PlH extraplanar and Sa Material Plane touchstone sites in that a creature possessing the feat, on the creature's first visit to a Material Plane site, must meet a Material Plane site's recharge conditions to gain the Material Plane site's higher-order ability (making recharge a bit of a misleading term), yet a planar touchstone site grants the creature its higher-order ability automatically upon the creature's arrival at the site, making actually recharging the higher-order ability requiring the creature to meet the site's recharge conditions. I assume this is because the Sandstorm feat is available earlier, but it could just as easily have been an accidental change.)

Some official free planar touchstone sites are available here. In addition to those and other touchstone sites in the Planar Handbook, Magic of Incarnum, and Sandstorm, there's a touchstone site buried in Champions of Valor—Darkmaiden’s Leap (133)—and Secrets of Sarlona—the complicated Teeth of the Three (142-3, 145). (They're both terrible, but if you gotta catch 'em all…)

Finally, while the Catalogues are sexy, don't neglect the fact that a creature can take the feat Planar Touchstone et al. multiple times. Look hard at the other touchstone sites higher-order abilities. Oft neglected are those like Empyrea Mere (PlH 155), its higher-order ability one of the game's best low-level methods of healing (assuming the PCs can travel reliably somehow to Celestia), and Echolost (PlH 168-9), its higher-order ability granting briefly the creature a burrow speed, a necessity for gods and high-level monsters so they aren't buried forever by canny PCs who, instead of fighting them, just bury them in cave-ins and collapses. (By the way, so far as I'm aware, the rules don't say a creature can't just attune to the Catalogues multiple times by taking Planar Touchstone multiple times, but this DM wouldn't allow that; I mean, seriously, the Catalogues already allow any creature with a high enough Wisdom score to cast one domain's 9th-level spell—maybe even as a spell-like ability or supernatural ability—, and that should be enough to make anyone happy. Getting more than one? That's the greed talkin', man.)

Anyway, the feats Planar Touchstone and Touchstone are extremely versatile, and, in this guy on the Internet's opinion, some of the game's best feats, creating for the character a need to adventure and rewarding that adventure appropriately.


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