The mythic power Infectious Spell has this qualification

Whenever you cast a spell that specifically targets a limited number of targets (such as “one creature/level” or “one or more creatures”) and has a duration longer than 1 round, you can expend one use of mythic power to make the spell infectious.

Do spells that specifically target only "one creature" count as a "limited number of targets"?

For examples, consider Hold Person ("One humanoid creature") — would it be a valid spell for Infectious Spell?



While the archmage 3rd tier mythic path ability infectious spell does, in fact, list only as examples of spells having a limited number of targets those spells targeting one creature/level and those spells targeting one or more creatures, because one or more creatures includes targeting only one creature, a spell that only targets one creature should also be a limited number of targets for the purposes of the special ability. (And this abrupt 2015 thread—the only one I could find on the subject—agrees.)

The effect seems to function as printed even if only a lone target is affected, making the spell hold person a fine choice for an infectious spell.

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