Are there rules somewhere for making booze from the magical berries created by the spell goodberry? Official material preferred but third-party material is acceptable.


The Wizards of the Coast product for the Eberron campaign setting Five Nations (July 2005) describes the magic item goodberry wine, a partial description of which is below:

A jug of the [goodberry] wine contains five doses, and each dose cures 8 points of damage as well as provides nourishment as if it was a normal meal for a Medium creature. An imbiber benefits from only one dose in a single 8-hour period; drinking additional doses of goodberry wine or eating additional goodberries during this time has no effect. (82)

Unlike many healing effects, goodberry wine works even in the Mournland. A clay jug of goodberry wine costs 250 gp and weighs 0.5 lbs. Creating goodberry wine requires the feat Craft Wondrous Item and the spell goodberry, of course.

The description lists no Fortitude saving throw for avoiding getting drunk off of it, but few alcoholic drinks from later texts reference the Arms and Equipment Guide's rules for Alcohol and Intoxication (32).


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