I'm making a bard and it says I have 2 cantrips and 4 spells, and I just have no idea where they are and how to establish them at all.

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Cantrips are Zeroth-level spells

As such you can cast them as often as you'd like. ("Leveled" spells cost spell slots, which are a finite resource.) You can find more about the details of spell levels on pp.201-202, "Spellcasting."

A Bard gets cantrips...

from the "bard list" starting on p.207. The individual spells are then detailed in alphabetical order from pp.211-289.


If you look in the PhB in the spells chapter (ch 11) it will list all the spells (including cantrips) that your class can learn. Cantrips are just spells you can cast at will and not have to worry about spell slots


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